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--| Builders Paradise  |--


- Coming April 2024 -


What is Builders Paradise?



The idea behind the server is for it to be a place where friends can build together, with no risk of losing their builds.

The server will remain in the version mode it's established in 1.2x.x, and will not be altered
The server runs an ore shop and block shop (using in game economy) giving players access to all block types and varieties available in Vanilla MC to allow players to build anything they can imagine, with claims to protect their work.


Player Ranks



Player ranks can be purchased in game using in game economy. Ranks offer many perks and benefits to make your gameplay more enjoyable. 





The server has a simple economy

Every block you mine, create, or obtain has a value and can be sold back to the server for in game currency

The more you play, the more you gain


There is also an auction house to allow players to trade items


Claims and Claimblocks



Every player gets a set amount of claimblocks when they start

- Claimblocks are gained by playing -

 - AFK does not gain claimblocks -

Use a stick to view claims

Use a golden shovel to alter claims

(/kit claim)


Silk Spawners



Using a SILK TOUCH pickaxe will allow you to pick up any spawner you wish to pick up (excluding claimed land)